Sunday, November 2, 2008

Contra Homosexuality

This is the first "official" post on this blog. Prior to it, I have been writing/pontificating about some school related stuff, but now I will get down and dirty -yes that is right, we are talking DIRTY.
With the major contoversy and squabble about the recent approval of the California highest court to legalize  same-sex marriages (if we can call them that), we have been even more bombarded by the current attempts to thwart the court's approval by way of a constitutional amendment, Proposition 8. For those of you who do not know much about the situation in California, or what Proposition 8 stands for, let me give you a quick overview via some links:

Since, I am just starting things off, I would not like to dig that deep into the controversy. However, I will ask for the opinion of anyone who reads this post, and I will give a -short- introduction into where I stand. 
First,  I think that Homosexuality is destructive and should be considered nothing less that a sever type of social neurosis. The reasons I have for this are based upon, I guess you could say, telos, and nature. The nature/telos claim is founded upon the fact that in order for the correct production and perpetuation of the human race, it is not only necessary, but also essential in all aspect that there exist a bond amid one part and its counter. This is further compounded by the socio-psychological importance of the stability and existence of a balanced familial unit. In such a unit, the correct lessons of everything from gender roles to complicated task are learned; the removal of the heterogeneous familiar structures creates a problem for our future generation to establish the correct roles and task that have allowed mankind to crawl from the primordial mud -unscathed. Also, there is not function or natural instrumental value -in terms of effectivity and intent- amid one part/gender that is the same as the other. 
It is interesting, as a society, we treat things like: sickness, rape, social prejudices, racism, and other dangerous problems with contempt, but homosexuality is not on our list -at least from a modern liberal view it isn't. The problem is that we have accepted it as "normal" or if not that, then what we have done is hold some passive perception of it. Moreover, we would not want to say  anything like, "It is wrong" or "we should punish them" or  "they need medicine." The majority of our society holds conceptions like: "its there decision to do as they wish" or "who am I to judge them" or "they love each other, let them be."
Whatever the claim may be, I don't feel that we should allow the acceptance of homosexuality in our society. However, I welcome any ideas that are contrary -just be prepared for a commend. 


  1. I left your church in my teen years when I started to realize that I was surrounded by hopelessly stupid people like you. You jump too quick to take a pill to fix your brain, you want to medicate gays, you want to medicate kids that are just being kids, and then you want to just medicate yourselves.

    You are a junkie of religion and its rotted your brain. What pills will you take to fix that?

  2. Sissypants,
    This is an odd post; you need to tell me something interesting and cognitive... oh, maybe you can't do that huh?