Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama and Health Care

In the current situation in which we find ourselves, one has to be suspicious of what is happening. Is it the case that Obama really wants to "save" some 40 million americans from the doom of not being insured? Or, could it be the case that Mr. Obama does not actually want to help like it appears he does? The vast majority of those 40 million americans are either collage-age and are in not desperate situation that would require health care, and the other 30% are people who do not want health insurance (usually, people that are following the pay as you go, have not serious health problems, or are suspicious of the insurance system. So, the number of people that may "need" health care arrives at about 10-15 million by some reports. The question that is not required is "should we sacrifice the rights of the wealthy and middle class to such a minority?" Especially when 290 million are insured?! I personally find Mr. Obama's actions disgusting and impulsive! To move at such a pace and demand that Congress provide a bill in less than 60 days, that is intended to change the entire broke health care system! Are you crazy? This is supposed to be a responsible action is it not? Is it not the case that Obama should want to make this action the Magnum Opus of his presidency? Of course he does, he wants to make this all those things -or does he? I dont believe it is about health care. Thats why he does not care about the type of legislation that is passed, nor does he care how effective and precise the plan is. He is merely attempting to shackle the men of wealth, ability, and efficiency, and by doing so he can rob the general society of its freedoms. I for one will not tolerate it! I have contacted my representatives and have sent letters to other congressional leaders to express my disapproval, but it may not be sufficient. Everyone needs to stop this tyrant from doing this! Send letters, call, or tell your friends about what is happening as soon as possible so that we dont have this happen.

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