Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Day in Paradise... Are you sure?

For the last 2 years I have grown a desire to focus on humanitarian efforts. I think that we have lost the value of what life is, as a nation that is, and perhaps... humanity has. I also feel strongly that the economic perversion that has perpetuated itself and integrated into virtually every society has caused more pain than pleasure. WE MUST CHANGE! We must go back to the roots of capitalism and adapt them to the needs of society. WE MUST help and educate those that were raised or have experienced adverse conditions that have caused their suffering. This desire has been one of the main reasons for my desire to educate myself - I pray that I may one day be a tool to bring about the improvement and benefit of at least some of my fellow men.

Here is a great song that you should listen to...

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  1. Hey Mr.
    i miss ya! hope everything is going good! thanks for leaving me comments, they make me smile. and don't say people laugh AT you everywhere you know thats not true. if anything, i can see you laughing at everyone else. haha jk love ya ri and i hope i can see you soon. seeing as how you have boycotted arizona i guess i'll make my way up to see you!

  2. p.s. hailees comment cracked me up. something i would say to my brothers.

  3. Just checkin in to see if there are any debates going on. I love you!

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